dream log

2-17-19 - more things involving cats

i remember around three seperate dreams. one involved me and a friend sitting around a table, playing some sort of game involving dice, cards, and flipping coins. i don't remember the rules, i think us playing the game just sort of happened? the dice and cards were just dice and cards for the most part, but i remember something peculiar about the coins. the coins had three faces. the first face was "heads". it featured a sort of jester emblem and some words (i don't remember what they said). the second was "tails", obviously. tails was just more words. when you flipped the coin heads over tails twice, the third face became visible, which would be a headshot of someone the player recognized. when we finished playing, i think we had some sort of weird race down some oddly labyrinthine hallways. she offered me a ride back home, but i declined because i sensed something weird about the people she was riding with, and at the time i felt someone would be mad at me if i rode with someone i didn't know. i think i just walked off into this misty abyss. the second dream involved some sort of shitty anime game. the protagonist was this girl that looked like she was drawn by some sexually frustrated straight dude. she had hot pink hair and just, grotesquely large mammaries. she was wearing some crazy outfit, if i were to compare her to something, i guess it'd be like, that robot girl from cave story? it played and looked like a kirby game except horribly boring. i got bored quickly, but then someone clued me in to a secret door. when i found said door, the entire game changed drastically. the perspective shifted to first person, and when i looked around i realized i was now in a dark corridor. there were two doors, one in front of me and one to the left side. i went into the door on the left first. the texture on that specific door was different- all the doors in the game had the same texture, black with red window panes, but this door was like, made of scrap metal or some shit? well, inside, it was a small room. it was completely white, like a room in an asylum. there was blood and puke smeared on the floor, and there was also a large cage in the middle of the floor. inside, there was this like, horrifically skinny hairless cat creature. the room at the end of the hall had the normal door texture. when i went inside, i discovered a much larger room. it had cream colored walls, and was elaborately furnished with nightstands, candlesticks, tables, and shit like that. there was a bathtub in one of those walk-in closets and a large canopy bed where a larger, furrier cat creature was sitting. first, i took the cat from the empty room into the large one and placed him on the bed. the larger cat looked uncomfortable, maybe even hurt, and left for the empty room. i tried to take him back into the larger room, but he resisted me trying to handle him. i guess there could only be one cat in a room at one time? and they would shift between rooms like parts of a puzzle or something. it was sort of saddening, because i wanted them both to be safe and shit :( also, when a cat was in a room, it was assigned a title. when you were in the empty room your title was something like "Rat" and when you were in the one with the bed it was "Superior". the cat from the empty room's title changed to Superior, and its appearance very slowly but visibly began to change. it became stouter and started to grow more hair, and idk it was weird. also they ate cotton candy made of beer or something. i tried to bathe him and i cant remember anything after that. the last one i think was about minecraft. i lived in the woods or something and i made friends with some dogs that guided me to a house in a village. it was getting dark and i needed somewhere to stay, so i advanced to the house. there were a collective of other travelers in there who invited me in to sleep with them. so i just spent the night there and that was it. there was some huge guy lying down next to me and i like, seriously wounded his knees because i got confused, but i guess no one cared so like, that happened

2-16-19 - Something about cats

i remember a small brown kitten appearing in my driveway. i think that i felt guilty for somehow causing it to exist. i don't remember how that happened, i think i grew it from an egg or a seed or something. it was there though. initially i was set on abandoning it, but i felt bad because like, you woudn't just leave a baby to die, even if it was procured through suspicious and unnatural methods. there was a guy like twice my height that would keep yelling about it, saying things like "we already have too many, its artificial you have to leave it" but i proceeded to the kitten anyway. i tried to get it back into the house. it didnt like being held. i don't remember what happened next

2-11-19 - I didn't sleep very well

i think im coming down with strep throat or something, and it was kinda bugging the shit out of me as i was trying to fall asleep. i remember suddenly waking up at 3 AM for some reason (or was that part of the dream?) and downing a shit ton of water in hopes that it would make me more tired. then i had a dream about waking up early and fucking around and i think i sort of became way too aware of myself for a while but then i realized "oh shit i have to get ready for school!" and then everything started being inconvenient and shitty and time was just fucking speeding up as fuck. everything kept going faster except for like, anything involving myself, and my surroundings would just keep getting darker. it was at this point i realized nothing was happening, i'm just in hell again, whatever, and i think i was just acceptant of that

2-8-19 - Comfort characters page

had a dream where I tried to make one of those comfort characters pages, like the ones that certain people on tumblr have. it was a little troubling though, since i couldn't name any like, high-tier fave characters of mine that weren't super obscure or just clowns. i think there was also another dream involving dead bodies in holes that i think was some sort of subconscious reference to rob zombie's house of 1000 corpses. i remembered the layout of the comfort characters page, and i made it into a real thing you can access here.

2-4-19 - Shitty Void Party

i was like, on a large pedestal in the midst of complete darkness. i was also a dude for some reason, which i found sort of disconcerting when i woke up, but it didn't really bug me otherwise. i was wearing a really shitty outfit- like those fucking anime triangle glasses (i have a pair of those irl actually lmao) and this weird suit and cape. imagine like, a gay businessman crossed with eridan from homestuck. i wasn't alone in this asshole void, there was also some guy that was supposed to be the grim reaper that i'm 80% sure now was death from problem sleuth. i don't really remember his appearance very well though so let's just say it was the grim reaper. he spoke in a really fucking outrageously silly voice, and i think he was trying to act as my fairy consort or something. he kept saying a bunch of bullshit at me but i wasn't listening because i guess thats. just how i am? i realized my hair was shorter than it actually is irl and that made me absolutely furious for some reason. pretty sure i accused the reaper guy of cutting it and then tried to challenge him to a fight, but he didn't want to and i was basically just freaking him the fuck out. i was a huge dick to this guy. i kinda regret it. the rest of the dream i think was just me staring off into the abyss and exploring my environment to the greatest extent i could without falling off the pedestal into the infinite nothingness